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Auto Accident Injury Treatment in Kent WA With Our Experienced Chiropractor at Jex Chiropractic

At Jex Chiropractic, our Kent chiropractor meets hundreds of people every year struggling with signs and symptoms related to an auto accident injury. His services can resolve underlying injury and inflammation while at the same time get you back to health—many of our patients end up feeling better than they did pre-accident!

Man suffering from an auto accident injury

Common Types of Auto Accident Injury

The sudden deceleration and/or change of direction involved in a car crash can impose excessive force on your body. Even minor car accidents can cause strains, sprains, joint misalignments, and other painful issues. 

The following conditions are some of the common types of auto accident injury we see and diagnose at our Kent chiropractic clinic:

  • Whiplash: when the neck violently flexes forward and backward like a whip, the joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other tissues in the cervical area can become injured and inflamed; this often leads to headaches, jaw pain, neck pain and stiffness, and arm pain
  • Shoulder injury: your seat belt can save your life and absolutely SHOULD be worn, but the restraint plus the impact of a crash can damage your shoulder, leading to shoulder dislocation, rotator cuff strain or tear, or brachial plexus nerve injury, to name a few (leaving your arm sore, weak, tender, and potentially numb)
  • Disc herniation: acute trauma can tear the outer layers of a spinal disc, through which the inner gel-fluid can leak out; this may compress on nearby nerves and cause nerve compression (e.g., sciatica) 

How Our Kent Chiropractor Helps With Auto Accident Injury

A normal part of your body's response to acute trauma is to create a surge in stress hormones like adrenaline. These hormones block pain and help launch the protective "flight or fight" response. Once the trauma is over, these hormones go back to their normal levels...usually. In some cases, an auto accident injury can be "hidden" for days or weeks because these hormones fail to quickly return to their normal levels!

So, even if you feel fine after a car accident, contact our Kent chiropractor. He can detect hidden signs of an auto accident injury and prevent the problem from getting worse over time! Our services—including adjustments, massage, and corrective exercises—can reduce inflammation, restore alignment, and accelerate your natural pain relief and tissue healing.

Looking for Holistic Care for Your Auto Accident Injury? Connect With Our Chiropractor At Jex Chiropractic Spine & Rehab in Kent, WA Today

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Christopher Jordan Jex for holistic healing from your auto accident injury—or to be screened for an injury following your recent car crash—contact Jex Chiropractic Spine & Rehab in Kent, WA now at 253-859-6441.